Open Mic with guest host Spanky

Open Mic with guest host Spanky

py + Harriet's. Memorial day 2016, he stepped down and is busy recording his new record. We will try to keep his amazing spirit alive and continue on with Open Mic on Mondays with Guests hosts!

Spanky is a solo singer/songwriter/musicianist from Pismo Beach, CA who has performed around the central coast for close to 30 years, and now travels the country, doing what he loves, playing music and meeting people. His rich resonate vocal sounds flow over a foundation ofacoustic instrumentation, consisting of 6- and 12-string guitar, banjo, and ukulele. His songs tell the stories of good times and friendships in a small California beach town, travels through the west, and other heartfelt journeys and comedic outlooks on life. His live performances are marked with alacrity and sincerity, and have resulted in a dedicated fan base that has followed him through the evolution of his distinctive musical style.
The last few years have been very different for Spanky. He has transform -time project manager for a construction company, to a 200 gig 30,000 mile a year traveling troubadour blessed with the opportunity to explore this great country’s diverse people and pastures.
Spanky has released 2 CD’s in the last 2 years. His 2012 debut CD, “COOP’D UP” and his 2013 sophomore release, “COOPer DEUXper” are filled with songs that he wrote over the last 2 years for friends, fun, and fulfillment, and is now penning songs for his 3rd CD which he hopes to record in 2014. 2014 will also see Spanky in 23 states covering more ground than ever before on his Fall and Spring tours, staying home to enjoy the central coast in summer, and gettin’ it where he can in Winter.



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