MHS Summer Sunday FUN-Day 2019

Hunter Hallberg

Hunter Hallberg grew up around a variety of great music. At the age of 9 while taking piano, he decided he wanted to learn guitar, after picking out a guitar and amp, he saw that John Petrucci was going to do a workshop at Guitar Center (Guitarist from Dream Theater) he was so inspired, that he committed to practicing hard so he could someday be as good as John Petrucci himself.

At the age of 10 he participated in a local Guitar Solo contest as the youngest contestant and took 4th place overall (all ages) and scored the highest on technical performance with a Dream Theater song.

In 2016, he submitted a video for 106.7 FM KBPI & Denver School of Rock's Best kid Guitar player contest and became the first annual guitar winner.

Hunter likes to continually improve himself by taking Master Classes & has studied with Mark Tremonti, Chris Boderick, Tony MacAlpine, Doug Doppler, Andy James, John Petrucci, Jason Richardson, Tosin Abasi, Devin Townsend, Aaron Marshall and much more.

Hunter and three other young guns formed this band and they recently opened up for a national act "Trapt". Hunter is looking forward to continued growth with his awesome bandmates.

Although still in our teens, this power trio has extensive performance experience. Lead guitarist and vocalist Josh Kochevar (17), bass guitarist Logan Hiatt (14), and drummer Benton Roswell (16) have a dynamic, technical sound influenced by classic, metal and progressive rock that appeals to a broad range of musical interests.

Paradox has had the honor of playing gigs all over CO, participating in special fundraisers dear to their hearts, receiving featured spots on WayFM, KRFC, and most recently Seacrest Studios in Denver Children’s Hospital.

They have the honor of playing for their charity, Blue Star Connection, which supplies musical instruments for the purpose of music therapy to kids and young adults that are faced with challenging medical situations.

Pink Slip

After starting out playing around town in other groups, these young musicians came together to form Pink Slip. Cynthia, Dominique, Abby, Hunter, and Scott make up this female fronted, five piece, melodic alternative rock band. Their influences span across decades and genres from Blondie to Nirvana. They are currently focused on recording their first EP. Cynthia Hopkins (Vocals), Abby Cracraft (Guitar), Hunter Anderson (Guitar), Dominique Quinn-Brown (Bass), Scotty Gunter-Parish (Drums)

Galactic Lemonz

Talented youth musicians Lucy/vocals, Jason/guitar&vocals, Jessi/bass&vocals and Carson on drums. playing classic Rock and Metal with the addition of new original music from "Galactic Lemonz"



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