Rockville, Flat Out and the Chris Driver Band


VINCE WARNER: Rockville's founder is a multi-faceted performer, whose soulful vocals and guitar are the unifying and driving forces in the band.

DON RAMIREZ: The heart of Rockville, a natural talent equally impressive on vocals and bass, Don puts meaning and soul into everything he plays.

RICH GRAHAM: Keyboard virtuoso and Rock/Blues veteran, Rich brings a phenomenal depth of talent and an ear for playing exactly what’s needed to put the final polish on Rockville’s studio-quality arrangements.

DENNIS MOEBES: Master of the back-beat, Dennis is the rhythmic engine that drives Rockville, providing an arsenal of groove and rhythm that keeps the dancers moving, the listeners grooving, and the other musicians jealous!

Flat Out

Flat Out is a band created from some of the valley's finest and most well known all star professional musicians. The music is from a few of the most classic bands of the 70's, such as Cream, Cactus, Almond Brothers, Humble Pie, etc. The members are:

Jim Hampton (Valley Fever, Snail, etc),

Don Ramirez (Rockville, Beatleville, etc.)

Michael Nagy (Foreigner Unauthorized and too many bands to name)

Mark Cline (Nashville recording artist),

Fred Funch (Q-Pop Radio, Out-Of-The-Blue, PUSH, etc)



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