Kleptokrat, The Cotones


Kleptokrat was formed in 2016, when bassist Danilo Randjic-Coleman assembled the quintet to perform a collection of songs he had written over the past decade.

The musician’s varied styles lend the music its uncommon energy; Carter and Taylor have extensive jazz backgrounds, whereas Esner and Galatro’s experience lies mainly in rock and metal. The tension between the two gives the band its signature. The songs themselves glimmer with flecks of soul, afrobeat, psych, and many others: the parts often appearing without warning but never out of place.

They released their debut EP in August 2017, followed by a summer tour of the Northeast. Their sophomore EP "Momentarily, to Grace" is slated for a June 2019 release.

The Cotones

The Cotones, formerly known as The Detours, are a Boston-based indie/alternative rock group formed in late 2015. They have played in and around the Boston area as well as up and down the east coast. The group is influenced by artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, Nick Cave, and Elvis Costello. The Cotones strive to write songs that come from a genuine place of expressing their worldview while being able to entertain and catch the attention of their listeners. The band puts on an energetic, engaging, and diverse live show that will leave you wanting more. They write songs for the era of post-ironic internet memes about topics that, while are serious, don't take themselves too seriously either.

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