SPECIAL EVENT! Secret Science Club presents a mind-blowing screening of “The Creeping Garden” PLUS Swarm Scientist Simon Garnier

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Simon Garnier

SIMON GARNIER is director of the Swarm Lab and professor of biology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He researches robot swarms, army ants, and socially networked slime molds to learn how intelligent collective behaviors (and not so intelligent ones) emerge in groups. Dr. Garnier has been a featured scientist on Science Friday, the Guardian technology video series, National Geographic, Scientific American, Mashable, and The Verge.



Secret Science Club presents a special screening of "The Creeping Garden," one of the coolest & trippiest indie documentaries out there. PLUS Swarm Scientist Simon Garnier gets this cinema party started with a mini-lecture on some surprisingly smart life-forms.

BEFORE & AFTER: Sunday afternoon cocktails, delicious bites, and door prizes!

THE CREEPING GARDEN is a real-life sci-fi movie, exploring the extraordinary world of plasmodial slime mold as revealed through the eyes of scientists and startling time-lapse macro-cinematography. A movie about slime mold? You betcha! These curious organisms are the new stars of biologically inspired art & design, emergence theory, computing, and robot engineering. THE CREEPING GARDEN is a “cinematic cabinet of curiosities that will leave you giddy and delirious with wonder.”

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