Senses Fail

American post-hardcore band founded in 2002 in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Hot Mulligan

Michigan’s upper peninsula is trapped under what seems like permafrost
for most of the year. This chilling effect makes the landmass more
comfortable with stationary lives rather than lives spent outside its natural
sprawl. Hot Mulligan may have been born in this green giant, but they
escaped its clutches shortly after high school to beat pavement and their
own neuroses-­at the same time.
Since 2014, the five-­piece has gained ground for their earnest approach to
songwriting, melding together the ferocious riffs of pop punk’s latest wave
with the tenacious vulnerability of indie rock. The marriage is one shared by
many bands, but on Opportunities -­ their latest EP earning a re-­release via
No Sleep Records -­ the courtship entangles itself in new territories, mostly
in those characterized by cavernous percussion, hooks so buoyant they
bob up and down, and guitar and synth interplay that belong to a much
older, bolder band.
The future is full of other excuses to keep moving, and for Hot Mulligan,
they’re easily jumping at the chance to speed up.

Yours Truly


$21 Advance / $28 Day of Show


General Public On Sale: Friday 6/07/2019 12:00:00 PM

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