Wax Tailor (DJ Set)

Currently working on a forthcoming album, Wax Tailor will make a break in September for a USTour. He'll present a new DJ Set, a journey into sound, from cinematic downtempo to funky joints,through his own tracks, unreleased, revisited, remixes, friends producers & influences.For over 15 years, Wax Tailor move forward on the side roads, with 5 studio albums, 2 double live albums & more than 700 shows in about 50 countries. Independently, this sound couturier became one of the leaders of the international alternative scene. Looking for the chemistry between modernity and sounds of the past, between sharp rhythms and soft arrangements, Wax Tailor mix his influences to create his own sound far from the short-lived trends.

Arms And Sleepers

Arms and Sleepers is the indie/electronic duo of Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic. Formed during the summer of 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts, the band has produced 11 releases and has toured extensively throughout North America, Europe and the UK. With each release, Arms and Sleepers have explored a different approach to the compositional process, ignoring musical genres and its creative limitations.



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