Evol Intent, Heavygrinder, MC Dino w/ Miss Jaedha, Drty Hbtz, Magnetik, Ms Toxiic, Dj Evenflo, Miss Felix, Xeela, - Jake Taylor's Birthday

Evol Intent

Over the last few years, Evol Intent has emerged as one of the leading forces in the United States Drum and Bass movement. Both as a label and as a production trio, Evol Intent are considered some of the biggest up and coming talents in the entire dnb industry. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the crew consists of Knick, Gigantor and The Enemy. Apart from being a production outfit, Evol Intent also owns and operates their own label, which functions as an outlet for their own work as well as like-minded artists.

After building an underground following with their first 3 releases, Evol Intent began to get some attention from distributors, both in the USA and overseas. They wound up signing a deal with Alpha Magic to handle their distribution for Evol Intent Recordings. Soon after, Evol Intent caught the eye of the award winning and historic dnb label, Renegade Hardware. Hardware had just launched a new label and they were interested in new material from Evol Intent for the label (Barcode records). After their first release with Barcode, Hardware was quick to snatch up Evol Intent and offer them an exclusive deal as permanent artists on the roster. Around the same time, Dieselboy approached the Evol Intent trio to do a remix for his upcoming cd, "The Dungeon Masters Guide." Upon completion of the remix, Dieselboy asked Evol Intent to do yet another remix for the cd, but this time he asked them to remix a song from a legendary producer known as BT.

Beyond all of the hard work they have put in to their music in the last year, Evol Intent are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. They have had releases on labels such as Renegade Hardware, Human imprint, Outbreak records and of course, Evol Intent Recordings. Early 2005, we will see the Evol Intent EP, debuting on Renegade Hardware, as well as countless releases on their own Evol Intent Recordings imprint, which is now distributed internationally through LOAD Media.

Evol Intent has officially gone worldwide and will prove to be one of the hardest working outfits in drum & bass with non-stop DJ international tour dates, a heavy release schedule of originals and remixes for some of the top labels and artists in the scene, and even their own clothing online shop (opening soon!). The trio also has plans to launch a full on LIVE show in the next year.

b. 12 December 1983 in Seattle, Washington, USA

Female House DJ & producer residing in Los Angeles.
Contact: djhginfo@gmail.com

Colorado junglists know him as MC Dino, the infamous 8-year resident of Breakdown Thursdays at the Snake Pit, the nation’s #1 Drum and Bass club night. The rock star emcee most notorious for his poetic genius with a microphone has commanded crowds at such well known and respected events as Cyberfest, Bassrush, Electric Daisy Carnival and countless other raves and festivals across the United States. Recognized for his high-energy lyrical prowess on the microphone, MC Dino is a crowd favorite on the mic and is an asset to any DJ he rhymes alongside.
Although Dino is not his given name, it is his preference and insists that the other is irrelevant. Though born in a small farming community in Northern Colorado, Dino spent time growing up in Mexico and various parts of California before returning to Colorado well over a decade ago. In high school he spent more time writing lyrics, songs, and practicing with bands in backyards than on his schoolwork. He began going to raves when he was 14, a time when raves were new and entirely underground. This exposure had great influence on him; electronic music provided a new medium and mode of tampering with instrumental sound. In this scene he also discovered jungle music and emceeing. Besides the obvious electronic movement that so dramatically shaped his personal musical efforts, Dino’s other prominent influences include Prince, Roni Size and Santana. Exposure to these along with an upbringing encouraging all music is especially evident in his individual work, emceeing, and collaborations with Urban Aboriginee.
In 1997 he set out as an emcee and, inspired by the aggressive new sound jungle provided, used it as an outlet for the poetry streaming through his head. By this time he had already taught himself to dj and moved between rhyming and spinning, while continuing to write his own music. 1998 proved a year of reckoning and direction. He started performing regularly at the Snake Pit on a night then called Plastic Thursdays that offered techno one half of the night and jungle the other. During this period Dino gathered his musically-inclined cohorts and formed a solid group called Urban Aboriginee. The idea behind Urban Aboriginee was to promote the various but sometimes neglected talents (emceeing, DJing, producing, etc) of his intimate circle. The name alludes to modern day tribesmen surviving the streets of a concrete jungle (the city). Urban Aboriginee was recognized throughout Denver for its dedication to Jungle music. For five years, UA sponsored Kombat Battle, a party that allows young deejays and MC’s to showcase their talent and provided an opportunity for up-and-comers to perform live in an actual party atmosphere.
In 2004 Dino was introduced to Divine Elements through the drum n bass scene when he moved to Los Angeles. Fast forward 6 years of non stop MCing for some of the biggest names in the business and the biggest festivals and night clubs across the United States and we find Dino falling into the front man position with D.E. He ended up filling the void Divine Elements had long been waiting to fulfill with a front man MC. Dino was a fluid fit in the dynamic super group. He now is a consistent, positive force in an already solid musical group, touring and writing music with them all the time .
During the for mentioned 6 year fast forward between 2004 and 2010, MC Dino has emceed for the greatest names in Drum and Bass, and Dubstep including Andy C, Shimon, Pendulum, Nero, Skrillex, Diesel Boy, AK1200, Dara, Bad Company, Mampi Swift, Teach Itch, and Craze, to name a few. Of course, he performs weekly and nationally as well as being featured on tracks produced by the likes of DJ Icee, Gridlok, Breakdown, Reidspeed, Divine Elements, and DJ Swamp. Other such accomplishments include co-creating Urban Aboriginee Records with his Partner Casey Bonse. Current works include on going production and live performance with Divine Elements, solo projects and audio engineering for various artists in the music community.

Miss Jaedha

Miss Jaedha, a producer/DJ, works to create a "Melodic Bass" style of sound in each of her sets that flows like our momentary emotions. Incorporating deep rolling bass movements with melodic synth progressions and thick beats has allowed Miss Jaedha to capture moments of heavenly bass bliss that break down into almost chaotic breaks patterns, leaving your mind naked. From the depths of sub bass, she layers classically influenced melodies that are filled with melodic highs and lows, creating a sound that is uniquely her own. While on stage, you can see her enthusiasm to share her story with arms in the air and dancing all around. She can get you moving out of the funk and into the NOISE!

Dirrty Habitz is a Colorado based DJ. Her Hip Hop/Electronic oriented style and old school Turntablist nature coincide to form a contemporary yet classic sound captivating a dynamic group of listeners.
Firmly rooted in the Colorado music scene since 2010, Dirrty Habitz has performed at a wide range of venues sharing the stage with a plethora of world renowned artists. Her patented transitions, abundance of bass and alluring looks places Dirrty Habitz in a category of her own.
Shared the stage with acts including: The Grouch & Eligh, Madchild, Gift of Gab, Killah Priest, Coolzey, Raashan Ahmad, Dynohunter, and OG Status.

Ms Toxiic

DJ MS TØXIIC Aka Samantha, is New to the DJ Game! With an extensive background in the EDM scene as a Dancer, Model, Promoter, Seamstress & all around Music Lover, she has been able to pick up the skills it takes to be a great performer all around! Having a true passion for (((BASS))) music MS TØXIIC wants to accomplish her goal & dream of Producing her own style of (((BASS))) music with influences of Drum N' Bass, Rock, Trip-Hop & Tech. When listening to her spin you will feel a rush of emotions that you can't help but dance your heart out to!

DJ Evenflo

As technology advances the age of the Disc Jockey we have been scouring the lands to bring you not just another DJ but something different. Hailing from Denver Colorado DJ Evenflo & her trusty sample technician Mr. McGRNWohnkey look like they just escaped a twisted circus. Like a scene from Party Monster this duo will bring you the floor smashers you crave but add a special visual twist to make you rub your eyes in disbelief. Armed with the latest electro, fidget, drumstep, and original mash ups EvenflO will smash the dance floor while Mr. McGRNWohnkey adds new layers with his sampler, keyboard, hype vocals and effects. This is the next level of EDM so hang onto your seats folks it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Miss Felix

Denver, CO Electronic Artist


Denver, CO Electronic Artist

$30 Day Of Show



Q-Vents is proud to announce a very special event celebrating founder Jake Taylor's 27th Birthday featuring Evol Intent, Heavygrinder, and MC Dino!


Come get your face blasted with the best beats in the business, and the finest people in our dance culture. We have been working hard to build the best possible experience for our guests and are excited to be ramping up our exciting summer with a salute to Jake in style!


Evol Intent | Heavygrinder | MC Dino | + local support and a full second stage including Silent Disco on patio!!


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