Artstagia Multiarts Showcase


Artstagia is a multiarts convention producing events in multiple platforms for artists to tell their stories in their mediums.

$17.50 - $40.00


Artstagia presents a multiarts showcase at the Regent Theater highlighting the community with live music, live arts, live installs, interactive sculpts, art booths and industry speakers.


Live Music:
Sid Sriram, Justin Park, Matt Rose, Rachele Royale, Trishes, Dillatante, Pacific Range
Demie, Zimbu, Space Party, Oliver Moss, Walter Nishinaka,

Live Art
Calen Blake, Kuniharu Yoshida, Dani Bonnet, Alia Parhizi, Green Salmon

Live Speakers
Dan Kramer, Livi Zheng, Beautify Earth, United N Color

Art Booths
Wonzimer, Riyo Oko, Catt Bui Tuong, Space Party, 5A Label, Cloud Water, Artstagia


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