Tanbark *Record Release!*


Tanbark began in 2011 as a long-distance songwriting collaboration between Chloe Nelson, who was studying art history in London, and James Jannicelli, a musician in Minneapolis. By 2012, they were both in the Twin Cities, where their country and folk-inspired songwriting and close vocal harmonies began to form the basis of their sound.

In 2014, Tanbark headed to Los Angeles to team up in the studio with Trevor Welch. Their resulting debut, "Write Soon," brings together the bareness of the duo's acoustic folk sound with a fuller, pedal-steel-and-Telecaster country sound.

After relocating to New York City later in 2014, Tanbark quickly found their place in the thriving Brooklyn music scene. The material for their next album started to come together, and in 2017, they enlisted engineer and musician Sam Owens (Cass McCombs, Blonde Redhead) to help bring it to life.

The resulting nine songs explore themes of innocence and desire against a Laurel Canyon backdrop of pianos and guitars. Nelson’s rich, delicate vocals anchor the sound as the arrangements move between Fleetwood Mac-pop and Neil Young-folk. The album, “Tanbark,” will be released in 2019.

Low Roller

Low Roller (Max Newland, Veronica Davila and Ron Muga) is a Brooklyn-based Country band that captures the carefree style of West Coast Americana. Their mutual love of the Laurel Canyon Scene (The Flying Burrito Brothers) and the Bakersfield Sound (Merle Haggard, Buck Owens) informs the heartfelt songwriting, intricate vocal harmonies and radiant guitar melodies that drive their music. Regular performers at Brooklyn's premier honkytonk - Skinny Dennis - and numerous other New York venues, Low Roller is looking to keep the hazy neon light of Cosmic Country music glowing.


Veronica Davila

Guitar / Vocals

Ron Muga
Guitar / Vocals

Max Newland
Bass / Vocals

Donny Dinero

A songwriter, guitar enthusiast, engineer, producer, shepard, sometimes carpenter, golfer, New Hampshire native, founding member of Mail the Horse, etc, living in upstate New York with his dog. His last record, A Sky of Glass, was released in October 2018.


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