Salsa Night! feat. Orquesta Tabaco Y Ron

Orquesta Tabaco Y Ron

Orquesta Tabaco Y Ron is a 12 piece “Big-Band” orchestra, composed of musicians from all over Latin America including Puerto Rico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and Mexico. OTR’s high-energy, hard-edged brand of salsa music has appealed to devoted salsa dancers and Latin music DJ’s worldwide. OTR’s contagious rhythms produce an energy that revives the almost extinct salsa sound of generations past.

Orquesta Tabaco Y Ron has recorded five studio albums, a remix production, and multiple compilations exclusively for Dimelo! Records. Their arsenal of hard salsa tracks has gained OTR recognition and respect by tropical music aficionados and musicians worldwide!



Join us at 9:00 PM for Salsa Lessons!

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