Soular T, Papa Bare + Prof. J, Young Jimmy

Soular T, Papa Bare + Prof. J

Soular T (b. Christopher McGinn) is an Emcee born and raised in Albany, NY. Toph started rapping in 2005, chilling on a sailboat with his good friends ILLiptical and Greez just weeks before his 13th birthday. A few years later, he started taking his craft more seriously, writing and recording as much as he could and eventually choosing Hip Hop as his personal path to inner peace.

Soular T’s music strives to put us more in tune with both our own uniquenesses and the oneness of all of life. While the world we live in is incomprehensibly disgusting and unjust, the soul is perfect, complete, loving, and permanent. Through Hip Hop, Soular T aims to bring as much soul as he can to a fragmented world.

In 2017, Soular T released his debut solo album, How to Flow on Earth, which expresses a range of metaphysical, emotional, and spiritual themes over a spicy mix of beats from various producers (including Toph himself). That same year, he went on his first national tour, with shows in NYC, Philly, Boston, LA, Albany, and more. He lives in Brooklyn and performs regularly throughout the northeastern US and beyond. Toph sticks to a key promise for those who come out to see him live: every show is different.

Papa Bare + Prof. J is a Brooklyn-based artist and production duo featuring Papa Bare (Garret Montoya) and Prof. J (Nolan Jones). Our roots in hip hop, pop, gospel and indie have shaped our musical world views and informed the melodies, rhythms and textures we use to weave our sound.

We met at Cornell University while performing in the same a cappella group, where Nolan led musical direction. Garret became assistant musical director his freshman year, and we quickly realized how much we aligned on musical and creative outlook. We started writing original music together, finding our unique artistic voice as a duo and beginning to see how we could make lives with music at the center.

As Papa Bare + Prof. J, our intention is to create music that spreads a spirit of positivity, inclusion and self-expression. We believe that creating art is a spiritual practice. We create because that’s the best way we know to express ourselves, make sense of life, and share what matters most. We hope you enjoy the music and find something nourishing in the mix.

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