Turn Of The Century, The Rambling Souls, Tempo, Now Binary

Turn Of The Century

Formed in the city of Los Angeles, Turn of the Century offers a unique sound that combines alternative rock, punk, and old school metal. The founding member and lead guitarist, Jacob Wilder. Matt Mancia became the rhythm guitarist after hearing some of the songs Jacob wrote. Through trial and error, they began searching for their next members. Simon Hopkins joined the band as the bass player, but with his strong voice, the band knew he was a perfect fit for the lead vocals. Along with drummer, Nathan Wilder. Turn of the Century wants to bring back an old sound in a new way to create a new era of metal/punk/rock. Their debut singles “Stolen Crown” and “Illusions of the Greater Picture” were released in August, 2018. The full album, “Illusions” was released soon after; September 21st, 2018.

The Rambling Souls

For over the past decade, audiences have grown weary of overproduced, mechanical music that favors style over substance, packaging over content. As a result, a new wave of classic-inspired rock music has crested — and The Rambling Souls are leading that wave right onto your shores.
What began in 2017 as a studio project with guitarist, Aaron Montano-Teague, at the helm has developed into a full-fledged rock and roll band -- at lightning speed. A debut EP, “The Road Less Traveled,” was released in
November 2018, and after releasing a video for the first single, “The Flood,” in Spring 2019, the band will be
returning to the studio to record a hotly anticipated follow up.
The Rambling Souls (Aaron Montano-Teague, guitar; Gabe Jimenez, guitar; Dexter Haskins, vocals; Austin Burns, drums; and Jav Padilla, bass guitar) hail from San Antonio, Texas, and while there is certainly a southern rock element infused into their sometimes heavy, sometimes bluesy, vintage sound, the band maintains that they desire to be much more than “Just a Texas band.”
Having already enjoyed airplay on Sirius XM’s “The Bennington Show,” and after conquering stages in their hometown, and in Austin during SXSW 2019, The Rambling Souls now have their sights set upon bringing their rock music to the rest of the country, and the world.


TEMPO (formerly Tempo Infidelity) is an indie / alternative band formed in 2018 in the glorious San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Devon Reese brings her musical style fronting the band on lead vocals and guitar, along with multi-instrumentalist Kai Lee, Josh Trevizo on drums, and both Jared Tashijian and Brandon Soto on guitar. Influences include Beach Fossils, Mac DeMarco, and Current Joys among others. TEMPO’s indie / alt full spectrum sound captivates everything from teen angst mosh to soulful seductiveness.

Now Binary

Raj (drums) and Kane (guitar) met through our boys at their elementary school gathering. We both shared a passion for music and realized that we were missing an artistic outlet. We began to play together for months working on the rough outlines of our songs: Sky, Jefferson, LucasGames, and others. Later, Steve (bass) moved from sunny Phoenix to relocate to LA after a 10 year stay in Arizona. Steve and Kane played together back in college. Our newly formed trio, played together for about a year writing a full set of songs and conducted an exhaustive search for a singer to craft lyrics and whose voice could bring our melodies to life. We stumbled across Jamin (singer) through a posted ad on a musician site and felt the instant kinship of a shared musical vision.
Earlier this year in March, we got together as a band for the first time at CideShow Studios in Gardena. Now we’re off on a musical adventure, playing local shows and fulfilling our passion for creating original music. Though our musical influences vary you will find a common thread that completes the sound of N0W B1NARY.

$5.00 - $10.00


  • Now Binary - 7:15
  • Turn Of The Century - 8:00
  • Tempo - 9:00
  • The Rambling Souls - 10:15

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