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Park City, Utah native, OSTON's first project is called “Sitting at the Kids Table.” It’s a group of songs about love, insecurities, and coming into your own. When OSTON first moved to Chicago, she started working with a team that she loves, but along the way always felt like the little kid of the family. Everyone was more seasoned, more creative, and further along in their careers. She was told to wait her turn and she did. Now she's here. So, here it is… an open book detailing her journey so far. If you listen, she hopes you feel as awkward and confused as she did writing it… but she hopes it makes you smile!"

Adam Turley

25-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer Adam Turley had been quietly molding his distinct sound from a spare bedroom in suburban Salt Lake City. A fusion of bass-heavy beats, emotional soundscapes, and catchy pop melodies, Turley’s catalogue is almost universal: captivating listeners from diverse demographics. To date Adam has been featured on: Contemporary Blend (It’s Alright), De nye (Forever feat. Kid Travis), New Music Friday Netherlands (Forever feat. Kid Travis), Brand New Chill (It’s Alright), New Music Friday Denmark (Forever feat. Kid Travis), Fresh Finds: Poptronix (Overdrive), Philippines Viral 50 (It’s Alright), Singapore Viral 50 (It’s Alright), Taiwan Viral 50 (It’s Alright) and is currently on Chill Hits (It’s Alright). Turley currently has over 200k monthly listeners and has over 4 million streams across Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. After a year of developing an even more fresh sound, Turley is back with a seemingly never-ending stream of music.



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