Nick Cianci, Kid Sistr

In an effort to virtually be Zack Mooneyham (guitar-slinging twelve-year-old in The School of Rock), a nine-year-old Nick Cianci took up the guitar to pursue his dream. That was twelve years ago. Now, amidst his first year of legal drinking, Nick fronts his yet-to-be-named band playing songs mostly about his failure to fulfill his childhood dream. Some call it guitar-driven indie rock, but it’s all just a veneer for a sour worldview that was bestowed upon him the day he turned thirteen and realized he still wasn’t Zack. Nick also loves Bruce Springsteen and his favorite color is blue. Ned Steves (bass), Noah Hadland (drums), and JR Atkins (guitar) will be performing with him and serving as moral support.

Kid Sistr

Kid Sistr is a newly formed New York based indie rock group that focuses on profound storytelling as well as showcasing each member’s musical abilities. Made up of Sabel, 22 (Vocals and guitar), Sara Keden, 22 (Vocals and bass), and Rebecca Webster, 18 (Drums), Kid Sistr looks to enhance your typical musical experience with their charisma on stage as well as their ability to tap deeply into their own and audience’s emotions. So far, they have played a number of gigs together in and around New York at places such as Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, and have sold out multiple at The Turning Point in Piermont, NY. They have upcoming plans to release their debut EP.



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