Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey

Kyle Craft & Showboat Honey

Silver Triplets of Rio Hondo

Silver Triplets of Rio Hondo are an experimental country/western band, whose songs exist in a space somewhere between the ghost ballad of a Lynchian roadhouse and the lovelorn yelp of a boozed-up crooner on his way back to the pen after not enough time outside. The trio features Showboat Honey members William Chico Slater & Haven Multz Matthews on vocal/guitar & drums, respectively, & with Christo Cook joining in on a lead that alternates between Bakersfield country & avant-noise in quick succession. Much of the sound comes from Slater’s addition of sequenced synthesizer, samples, & drum machine to the live ensemble, which lends it an eerie camp that could live as easily on a dilapidated cruise ship as it could inside a honky tonk bar. Imagine Gene Autry trying to claw his way out of Leonard Cohen’s Tower of Song, & if the idea doesn’t revolt you, perhaps this is a band you need to see.

At 21, after a failed attempt to begin a journalism career in Moscow and an overwhelming heartbreak, Dan Sheron’s life collapsed. Without so much as saying goodbye to his friends or packing a bag, Dan took a train bound for Siberia with a child's guitar and journal that quickly filled with songs. That restless spirit has remained, long after Balto took on a life of its own, became a band, and churned its way through many thousands more miles of highway.

At its core, Balto is a rock’n’roll group from Los Angeles - groovy and exuberant, boozy and tight; a working band that has honed its sound over the better part of 8 years through the sweatiest dive-bars and clubs on three continents. The long nights, hard breaks, and unexpected joys of that life are all there in the music - in the poignant, quiet moments where songs simmer down to their bones and in the feverish emotionality of the big lifts. They’re lived-in songs, meant to be felt in person and danced to - all heart, blood, guts, hips, shoulders.



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