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AyBe Productions was created by Alex (AyBe) Betancur. Music Production, Hip Hop Beats, and Conscious Rap are the fundamentals of AyBe's brand.

Jeremy Goldsmith, better known as Internal Rhyme, is a one of a kind hip-hop visionary. Born in the heart of Philadelphia, he has developed a persona driven by cultural diversity, social justice, and incredible lyricism, as learned from the surrounding individuals in his city. Raised in Cheltenham, PA, the same bordering town that birthed hip-hop sensation Lil Dicky, Rhyme was able to remain relevant in the Philly hip-hop scene throughout the entirety of his career. He is a perfectly balanced scale, giving listeners a variety of topics to remain intrigued. One single may be vain and ignorant, with the follow up being introspective and conscious. A noteworthy love-ballad might be followed by an depressed cry for help. It’s rare to find music that keeps you so high on your toes.
Throughout the duration of his career, IR has had several noteworthy accomplishments, a recent one being his “Pokemon Flow” project, where he used wordplay to incorporate all 151 original Pokemon into his own bars. The video was originally released via Facebook, and went viral almost immediately. Within days of its release, the video received an incredible 25,000 views, and continues to grow to this day. Aside from viral hits, Rhyme has also managed to create a respected image for himself within several cities. After attending school in New Brunswick, NJ, he helped maintain the largest open mic on campus, with over 100 attendees each week to hear his lyrical displays. Since then, he has curated dozens of shows in the tri-state area, and has worked with several award-winning musicians across the East Coast.
His latest release, 15 Seconds, is an incredible display of IR’s creative development. The 5-track EP, produced exclusively by Grammy-Award winning Digital Crates, aims to fill fans with an entirely different emotion through each song. The idea of 15 Seconds stems from the notorious Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Although the title was based on Israel’s rocket alarms (which give citizens 15 seconds to take cover), the project does not intend to further political divide; in fact, it seeks to do the exact opposite, in simply expressing the idea that we are all searching for shelter - a place of comfort, happiness, and stability - and we are all deserving of a place to call home.

The Awkward Manic Depressed rapper. I'm not trash.

Live from Fishtown, Philadelphia
"Life's One Big Vacation" first SELF produced album coming Summer '17



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