Kill Your Idols, Somerset Thrower, Victory Garden

Kill Your Idols

Kill Your Idols took its name from a Situated Chaos song of the same name. Situated Chaos was a Long Island hardcore band that existed in the late 1980s. Founding members Andy West and Gary Bennett chose the name because the lyrics of the song reflected how they felt about hardcore. Also, Andy and Gary were introduced to one another and asked about forming an old-school hardcore band by a mutual friend named Vinnie Segerra, who was the frontman of Situated Chaos. Segerra also ran a DIY ("Do it yourself") label called Mint-Tone Records, which released a 7" EP by Gary's first band Big Sniff, which was also melodic hardcore.


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TODAY! SUN 7/21. Bar opens at 130. Doors at 2. Tickets available at doors. Set times: 230 Victory Garden 315 Somerset Thrower 415 KILL YOUR IDOLS, NYHC..

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