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Mike Skwark, who goes by the stage name Smrtdeath, often stylized as SMRTDEATH and nicknames Lil Death and Sethany, is a Canadian rapper and singer-songwriter from Winnipeg.

He’s known for his genre-bending music, mixing hip hop music with punk and rock elements, as well as the ever popular and ever-evolving genre known as “emo-trap”. Notable other artists in the “emo-trap” genre consist of the late Lil Peep, Convolk, nothing, nowhere., Lil Lotus and majority of the GBC collective a.k.a. GothBoiClique.

American rapper who caught the public's attention with the release of the hit singles "Over It," "At the Top of Your Lungs" and "Starz." The 2018 video for his track "Body Bag" topped 1 million YouTube views in one year.

Known as both producer and vocalist, notmorgn has taken over SoundCloud by storm with his in depth production and haunting lyrics. Despite his prevalence in the scene, little is known about the quiet and reserved 19 year old who spent most of his childhood alone in Ireland. Releasing vocals under the moniker guccihighwaters, the now New York based artist has a rich musical background. We got to speak with him about how he made his vocal debut, his advice on overcoming shyness, his recent project “nineteen,” and much more.

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