Foreign Dissent 6

Foreign Dissent 6

Foreign Dissent is an epic, annual International Punk Rock Party featuring foreign punk bands stopping in Orlando before heading to Gainesville for THE FEST. This year, Foreign Dissent 6 will be on October 28 at Will's Pub.

The first band announcement(s) for Foreign Dissent 6 will probably be on April 2. Follow this event and Punching Babies for the latest updates!

Read about last year's 5-year anniversary event:

Post-Hardcore band from Reykjavik, Iceland, formerly known as Icarus (19).

Punx from London who love emo, shredding, touring, oat milk, and using friendship to fill a gaping uncertain hole inside of yourself.

Teenage Bubblegums

Italian punk rock band.

Good Friend

Forever Unclean

Danish 2010's punk trio

Line-up: Lasse Mikkelsen, Troels Pedersen, Leo Wallin

Chloe Hawes

Singer-songwriter from Essex, based in Manchester.



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