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Night is comprised of Bobby Yagodich on guitar, Matt Jackson on bass, Zach Nace on guitar, and Mark Bixler on drums. They are currently in the process of pressing and releasing their second full length effort entitled “Satellites”, which is the strongest representation of their sound thus far in their early career. In the new year, they plan to tour and support this record extensively.

All of the members of Night are originally from various heavy metal acts in the South Central area of Pennsylvania. In 2006, Bobby started a solo noise project under the moniker of Night as an outlet to do something other than the fast paced, and in your face genre of music. Three years later, the band that Bobby and Jackson had been a part of split. The two of them went on to create music using the name of the project Bobby had started years earlier. Another year passed, and the project that Zach and Mark had been a part of disbanded. They also had a thirst to create music that was not necessarily heavy. Zach joined in 2010, and Mark later joined in 2012 completely changing this from a small project, into a fully cohesive band.

Among being influenced by many styles music, ranging anywhere from the most brutal of death metal, to the most relaxing of instrumental, the members of Night are also influenced by the world around them. Their music is influenced by self-reflection, exploring the range of human emotions sonically, and trying to create an atmosphere in which the listener can feel encompassed in their own world. The main focus of the band is the blur the line between heavy and soft, dark and light, and to be a flowing consciousness of sound.

Night have played throughout the South Central region of Pennsylvania, and in the past year have trekked out further and further. They have been hard at work trying to get their name out anywhere that there are people who want to listen. In 2015, they hope to extend their reach even further than ever before. Moving people with their music, and creating a unique experience for every listener is the objective that Night want to achieve with “Satellites”.

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