N.E.D. or No Evidence of Disease

N.E.D. or No Evidence of Disease

N.E.D. or 'No Evidence of Disease' is rock band made up of six women's cancer surgeons from across the country. But don't let their day jobs fool you, this is a serious band releasing their first critically acclaimed self entitled album on the Motema Music record label in 2009 and their second album Six Degrees in 2011. Both studio albums were produced by Grammy nominee Mario McNulty who took an early interest in the band and both have received rave reviews from the music industry.

The band is well known for their live performance and has sold out shows across the United States including their last 3 shows in NYC! N.E.D. has headlined several music festivals and are now fresh out of the studio ready to debut music from their soon to be released third album. Taking healing and arts to a new level, N.E.D.'s mission is to raise awareness and education of women's cancers through the healing powers of music. N.E.D. or 'No Evidence of Disease', are the words every cancer patient wants to hear. Their songs are designed to empower women and their loved ones, and give them hope and to break the silence surrounding gynecologic cancers.

In 2015, Spark Media released a full length documentary film about the band and their unique story which played nationally in Regal Cinemas and had several showings on PBS. For more information regarding the award winning film entitled No Evidence of Disease please visit the movie website at http://www.nedthemovie.com/ or the band website at http://www.nedtheband.com/. A trailer from the film and live performance video of the band are here:

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