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Coagulate formed on April 15th, 2012 when guitarist, Phil Gomez, wrote a song that he wanted to jam with his friend, John Fieser, who played drums. Phil wanted his brother, Smee Gomez, to record the song and help them out by sitting in on bass while they jammed. By the end of the day, Smee recorded an instrumental demo for their first song, Partners. Prior to the recording the first song, Phil came up with a list of band names and together, the trio decided on Coagulate as their name, making it official by creating a Facebook and ReverbNation page and posting their song online.

The band's first few years had plenty of obstacles and momentum was derailed often, causing the band to only play a handful of shows. The band's forward motion began to progress in 2015 with the guys began playing more shows, in different areas, and opening up for bigger names such as Calabrese, Crobot, and Anvil. They released their first set of songs entitled, First Blood Demo, which featured: "Partners", "Severance", "Dream Of Sleep", and "Panic Attack". In 2016 they opened for Michale Graves and continued to branch out in the Central Florida music scene. 2016 also brought the release of the First Blood Part II demo featuring: "The Cask", "Black Sails", and an updated version of "Dream Of Sleep" and was the year the band started recording their first full length album.

Their self-titled album, Coagulate, was recorded in Altamonte Springs at Smee's home by the band. Still playing shows throughout 2017, the trio recorded the album slowly but steadily with Smee leading the mixing duties. Smee was set to deploy to Japan in late 2017, where he then passed the mixing duties to Phil who completed the task early 2018. Phil had the album mastered by Mark Ignoffo at Reel Time Studios in Ormond Beach, Florida, and the album was released digitally on Friday, April 13th, 2018.

Coagulate is currently working on new material, consistently playing shows in the Central Florida Area, and set to tour the Northeastern US in July of 2019.

Coagulate's music is a blend of genres and not easy to define, leaving them to refer to it as Power Slop, or Hard Rock/Metal/Punk. They have been referred to as Black Sabbath meets the Misfits, with comparisons to Type O Negative, Venom, and Motorhead also being made.

The Emma Garell Band

We are a rock band based out of Richmond, VA. Check us out around town! We will be dropping original music very soon!

Kill The Druid

Madison Sims - Violin, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
Matthew Patrick - Drums, percussion
Wesley Ring - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Jacob Kissinger - Vocals, Bass

Crushing, melodic sludge with depressive vocals, intricate guitar lines, earth-shaking bass grooves, and proggy drums.

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