No Small Children, PowerSlut, The Knock Ups

No Small Children

rockin chicks by night, school teachers by day.

Three teachers from Los Angeles who love rock music. These women sing songs about everyday things that everybody knows about. They have a powerful sound that is loud, melodic, and irreverent. Their lyrics are honest, thoughtful and funny.

No Small Children is Lisa Parade, Nicola B., and Joanie Pimentel. They are kick-ass, rockin' chicks by night and schoolteachers by day. This trio of women has a friendship rooted in rock, respect, and a straight talking strength that comes through in their music loud and clear.

On a mission to combine their love of '90s alt-rock and lascivious urges, PowerSlut formed in late 2012. They have since released two albums ("With Great Power Comes Great Slut" in 2014 and "The Second Coming" in 2016), performed all over New England, and shot a music video. Their influences range from the Pixies to PJ Harvey to Queens of the Stone Age and Ween, and they've been described as Steel Panther's bratty, witty little sister. Their newest EP, "Go Fuck Myself," was recorded at Mad Oak Studios and Converse Rubber Tracks last spring and released on December 1, 2017.

The Knock Ups

Boston based, female fronted, 90's inspired, garage punk.

Gretchen Shae: guitar, vox
John Surette: lead guitar,vox
Cat Verlicco: bass guitar, vox
Daniel McCarthy: drums



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