The Cowboy Killers, Madeleine Mayi, Maren

The Cowboy Killers

The Cowboy Killers are a Southern California Rock, Blues, Country, Pop Trio driven by beautifully blended vocals and acoustic guitar. Made up of Coby Ryan McLaughlin on Vocals and Harmonica, Rae Cole on Vocals, and Oscar Jesus on 12-String Guitar and Vocals. The Cowboy Killers pull from a range of influences like: The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Amy Winehouse and many more from country, rock, blues, and jazz. They are currently in the studio working to release their first album with their producer at Infinite Spin Records, and can’t wait to share the new music soon!

To understand California native Madeleine Mayi is to know that her first word was “no” - a powerful sentiment now tattooed on the inside of her arm. As a thoughtful and introspective artist with a voice as agile as it is soulful, Madeleine has never been afraid of going after what she wants.

Having found her love for performance at a young age, Madeleine sought inspiration from her own experiences and began writing original music at sixteen. Even as a burgeoning songwriter, her ability to speak from an honest and unapologetic place has touched those that have heard her play. Madeleine self-released her debut EP in her second year of university; "Just The Six Of Us" is the R&B pop record that formally introduced Madeleine's music to the world.

Madeleine is constantly challenging herself to broaden her writing ability. In November 2018, she released her most recent body of work, a five track EP titled “shy”. The project focuses on uncertainty and distance in personal relationships, and how that can manifest itself in different ways. With a touch of indie rock and vintage synths, it is clear that Madeleine is an artist who is unafraid to express herself as she sees fit.

Maren Hill is a young singer-songwriter with a deeply soulful voice and accessible, candid sound that uses thought-provoking lyrics and emotive melodies to intimately communicate with the listener. Recently moved out to LA from the Midwest, she is continuing to hone her craft and gain friends and fans all over. Maren is currently working on a debut EP, expected to be fully released in late 2019.



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