The Summer Slaughter Tour 2019

The Summer Slaughter Tour 2019

Cattle Decapitation

American grindcore/death metal band based in San Diego and formed in 1996.

Current Lineup:
Travis Ryan - Vocals (1997-present)
Josh Elmore - Guitars (2001-present)
Dave McGraw - Drums (2007-present)
Belisario Dimuzio - Guitars (2018-present) (touring 2015–2018)
Olivier Pinard - Bass (2018-present)

Past Members:
Gabe Serbian - guitar
Scott Miller guitar, vocals
Rahsaan Davis - bass (touring, 2009)
Troy Oftedal - bass
Michael Laughlin - drums
Dave Astor - drums
Derek Engemann - bass


Carnifex is an American Deathcore band from California formed in 2005.

The Faceless

Progressive / technical death metal band from US.
Active since 2004.

Rivers Of Nihil

Death metal band from Reading, Pennsylvania, US.
Formed in 2009.


From Los Angeles, California.

Lorna Shore

Brand Of Sacrifice

Brutal Death Metal/Hardcore from Toronto/Manhattan featuring members of The Afterimage & Ascariasis.

Victims of Contagion

$33.00 - $35.00


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