Twang Metal Monday

Catfish Dinner

Catfish Dinner was originally formed in 1985 by P. Taylor and Krystae the band truly came together when Dennis Lawson joined as the lead guitar player. In a Spinal Tap parallel they went through numerous drummers. Being young a fans of Traditional Country, Punk and Metal they were a wall of sound country band, They played Traditional Country but put everything on 10 and played as fast as they could. Catfish Dinner never officially split up and to this day can't figure out why they stopped playing but they did. In 2015 they decided to start playing again. This time as a true Traditional Country band, while maintaining their punk rock roots. Dennis travels full time now so could not join the new Catfish Dinner. Lead guitar duties are now handled by legendary Orlando musician Joel Buckley. CFD recently added the amazing talents of Jay Orr on fiddle to the band.

Wes Morrison & The Stray Hares

Wes Morrison & The Stray Hares is an outlaw country, blues, soul band with a touch of garage rock. Garage Country!



If you love Heavy Metal and Traditional Country then this night is for you. CATFISH DINNER, BEARTOE and Wes Morrison and The Stray Hares will be playing songs by Alice In Chains, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne etc. the way Hank intended. This is a FREE show!!!

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