Christina Hart (monthly residency), Mary Lyn Maiscott, Zoe Briskey

Christina Hart (monthly residency)

Indigenous American singer-songwriter from the Setalcott and Shinnecocks nations, singing songs soul-deep.

Mary Lyn Maiscott has performed her original songs, ranging from folk-rock to rap-rock, at CBGB, Folk City, Sidewalk Café, and other NYC clubs. Her recordings include the CD "Blue Lights" and the single “Alexander/Isabella,” which Vanity Fair called “hauntingly beautiful.” Her vocal style has been compared to that of some of the stars she has interviewed as a music journalist, including Linda Ronstadt, Sheryl Crow, and Debbie Harry. She'll be joined in the Map Room by multitalented musicians Joan Chew and Graig Janssen for this return show. Photo by Allyson Smith.

Creator... Zoe Briskey is a 23-year-old sensation from New York City. As her own writer and producer, she is constantly creating. Zoe is passionate and fearless. She brings her whole self to creating the music she craves to hear. Performer... Zoe's performance art is one-of-a-kind! Captivating audiences wherever she performs, she catches a natural spotlight and it is impossible to look away from her. Producer... Zoe Briskey has her own unique sound. She gives the term "pop" a new twist. Using all the elements of a pop song, but making a new sound for every song, she makes her music a genre within itself.


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