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Moon B (PPU, Hobo Camp, World Aurale)

At once sultry and spectral, ghostly and hot, Moon B records an intuitive dialogue between source and
process that constitutes a hypnagogic work of freakishly funky salvage. Moon B is the alias of Wes Gray,
a synth funk-inspired gear head and producer once based in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and now resides in
Texas. He debuted on the Peoples Potential Unlimited label in 2012 with an untitled album; a vinyl
edition was issued on PPU, while Gray self-released the cassette and digital download versions. Releases
for PPU, Going Good, Voltaire, Hobo Camp and Omega Supreme followed, as did side projects under the
Vaib-r and Sean Sanders guises. Moon B’s sound is very strangely rooted in the present, but can never be
pinpointed to any specific time, location, influence or origin. Moon B will be celebrating the release of
his forthcoming LP, “Udaya”

XL Middleton (MoFunk)

XL Middleton is a musician from California whose format falls into the funk-laden style the region has long been recognized for. The Pasadena-based artist/producer has been hard at work for years crafting melodic, chord-heavy tunes which have earned him accolades on major websites such as Uproxx, Okay Player and HipHopDX, where a collaboration with Eminem signee Crooked I made the rounds, as well as national print coverage in the Washington Post and major local print coverage in LA Weekly, where his album Tap Water made it to a Best of 2015 list. He has toured internationally in Japan, Canada, and throughout Europe, catering to fans of the funked-out West Coast sound – a fan base which, although not the norm in mainstream music, has been nding its way back to notoriety, with artists like XL at the cusp of what has become known as the modern funk movement. XL has released volumes of work, the sound of which largely embodies a party feel, bringing music back to where it was before it found its way into upscale clubs, while at the same time mixing it with a futuristic brand of funk inspired by legends such as George Clinton, Roger Troutman, & Cameo, not to mention hip hop funksters like Battlecat & DJ Quik.
He evolved from his beginnings as a hip hop artist to a full--edged modern funk musician, educated by the music he once sampled in the course of creating rap beats. At an XL show, you might find him singing notes through a vocoder, rapping, or shredding solos on a shoulder synth, or "keytar." He operates his own label, MoFunk Records, dedicated to furthering the modern funk sound, as well as a subsidiary label, Cavi Sounds, a home for any music XL seeks to put out that may not fall strictly within the modern funk canon, including hip hop, g-funk, and soul. He has also released music in conjunction with noteworthy labels such as Bastard Jazz, Omega Supreme, and Voltaire, effectively bridging the gap between fans of modern funk/80's boogie and 90's g-funk, both of which have been tremendously influential to the XL Middleton sound. In addition to his own solo material, XL produces music for modern funk songstress Moniquea, and is gearing up to release a hip hop/g-funk album, his first in many years.

Ivan Makvel (Sleeperz, Italy)

Ivan Makvel is a singer, talkbox performer, musician and music producer, creator of the Indie Label The Sleepers RecordZ. Prolifically active on the underground Funk & Street Dance movement, with several performance made at events across Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Taiwan, Greece & South Korea. He has also worked as Executive Producer for the releases of different artists on the underground funk movement like Mofak (France), Olli (Finland), Kay Bee (Usa), Kzyboost (Japan), Funkmaster Ozone (Germany), Beath (Spain), Bougito Fonkmaker (France), Butter (USA), also collaborating on the arrangements and composition in some of their productions.

Moniquea (MoFunk, Austin Boogie Crew, Omega Supreme)

Moniquea was born in Gary, Indiana and raised in Pasadena, California, and has also been featured in a number of music articles, magazines, websites and blogs, including: AllMusic, Do Androids Dance, Impose, Noisey Music by VICE, Okayplayer; and in Los Angeles’ biggest music publication, LA Record, where she landed on the front cover in 2015.
After independently releasing her self-titled debut in 2011, she partnered with producer XL Middle-ton and released the album Yes No Maybe in 2014, followed up by Blackwavefunk in 2017. It is through these records and her current and future musical endeavors that she delivers modern funk, as refracted through the lens of her early influences. What Moniquea creates is not ‘pastiche’ nor ‘retro,’ but a faithful reinterpretation of sounds that came from the dawn of the synth, perfectly balanced with one eye focused squarely on the future.

Zackey Force Funk (Hit+Run, MoFunk)

Zackey Force Funk was born into this wild world in Tucson, AZ in 1974. In and out of prison since the
age of 17, ZFF began producing on pirated software his brother gave to him once he had given up a life
crime to focus on writing tunes and raising his family. First discovered by Kutmah back in the golden era
of Myspace, Zackey's signature "Force Funk Sound" swiftly grabbed the attention of a number of
formidable producers. Collaborations followed shortly after with the likes of Salva, Lazer Sword, Lorn,
Baron Zen, Daedelus and B. Bravo, as well as forming the group Demon Queen with Tobacco. As these
tunes were scattered across various labels, finding their homes on their respective collaborator's projects,
ZFF continued to hone his style, delving deeper into the psychedelic future funk realm of which he has
created for himself. The fruits of his discipline were showcased on his latest LP “Body Rock Shotgun” on
MoFunk Records and classic releases like “Chrome Steel Tiger” and his debut LP entitled 'Money Green
Viper", both released on LA based collective Hit+Run.

Amadeo85 (Happy Milf Records, France)

Spaced-out synths, fusion guitar riffs, 80′s electro-funk rhythms ... welcome to Amadeo’s universe! Former graffiti artist, Amadeo grew up around the B-Boys culture, his musical beginnings dating back to the early 2000′s, when he was creating boom-bap hip-hop instrumentals. Quickly infected by the funk virus, he started digging in the crates and collecting records, and kept on developing his passion for musical creation – he had fallen victim to the incurable disease of music addiction. Piece by piece, he started to create his own home studio, where vintage synths and keyboards are piling up. He has constantly been making music since 2008, always on the look-out for new sounds. Influenced by psychedelic funk (G. Clinton, M. Starr, Prince Charles), Bar-Kays-esque warm synths, and crazy Hip- Hop grooves (Bambaata, R. Cason, J. Davis) as well as exploitation movies, graffiti and comic books, each of his tracks develops atmospheres that are equally funky and atypical ... Are you ready for the experience?

Hotthobo (Hobo Camp, Voltaire)

Randy "Hotthobo" Ellis is a co-owner and label manager of Hobo Camp Records and Voltaire Records in California, longtime vinyl DJ/collector, host of the NTS radio program "Mint Condition", as well as a producer, re-mixer, arranger, event promoter/coordinator and frequent contributor/collaborator to projects like Loose Shus, Chautauqua, Elegant Borzoi and
Relish. His DJ sets journeys deep into an abyss of new, classic, and obscure 12" and 7" records, with a focus toward high-end boogie, disco, two step, sweet soul, italo, house and modern funk.

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The first large scale event of its kind, the Modern Funk Fest pulls together the best live acts, DJs and labels focusing on the modern funk sound; giving full respect and admiration to the decades of funk/boogie music that has come before, while showcasing the newest sounds and sights to emerge from that scene. This event initially started in San Diego at the Til Two Club, with amazing performances, a perfect vibe, an ideal line-up and a night with a very receptive and hungry audience. After putting other notches in the MFF belt, most recently with a event pulling together the heavyweight boogie-funk crews and live performers at the "Liquor Store" in Portland, Modern Funk Fest returns to Los Angeles to bring a free record fair presented by Discogs, and an epic live event at the Echoplex, featuring amazing live performers and DJs from Europe, Texas and Southern California.

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