'Sing Along For Lincoln Strong' - A Benefit Show for Lincoln Orzechowski

'Sing Along For Lincoln Strong' - A Benefit Show for Lincoln Orzechowski

Join us at the Ottobar to show love and support for Lincoln and the rest of the Orzechowski family in their time of need. All proceeds from the show will go to the Orzechowski family to help them with whatever tools they need to continue to support this strong young man, as he continues his battle against cancer.

If you’d like to donate and are unable to make it to the show, please reach out and we will help.

To keep updated on Lincoln’s journey, feel free to subscribe to the Lincoln Strong blog here:

Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven is an indie/pop 4-piece based out of Frederick, Maryland.

The band's debut demo was released via bandcamp.com in January of 2016.

The Lives to Come

The Holding Tide


The Milestones

Rock music gets compartmentalized a lot. Punk, Indie, Classic, Grunge – some bands define one particular genre and others are able to mix and mingle the differing characteristics of each. The Milestones give us music that meshes the best qualities of each genre and provide us with solid rock sounds that doesn’t need it’s own specific category. They’re a little bit in-your-face like punk, they’re a little growly like grunge, and they get you moving like indie-dance rock. The Milestones are simply a ragtag bunch of indie-dance rockers looking for cheap thrills and parlor tricks!



Patrons under 21 years of age pay a $2 surcharge at the door.

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