With their second release, Cleveland-based art rockers ITEM have created a layered record entrenched in the twinkly modulated idioms of slowcore and shoegaze with flourishes of adventurous 60s pop-rock songcraft. Sad Light unfolds as a crisp miasma of effected guitars, affecting lyrics, and effective synths and harmonies. Opening with the polished dizzy garage track ‘Horse Pill’, it staggers on with an unbalanced guitar riff reflecting the tranquilizer lyrics, lifting to a clean, somber mood reminiscent of midwestern malaise. Off-kilter melodies wander your head with propulsive rhythms and words creating an uncanny sense of time and space. ‘Somersault’ contrasts this with a twee half-recollection of regretful past actions planting a seed of ennui. It sets the stage for the rest of the record’s themes, ending on washed out harmonies between Simpson and Glover, the principal songwriters. The intimate words are lifted with structured crescendos dovetailing into personal yet relatable songs telling stories of relationships, addiction and recovery wrapped in a haze of somber reflection. Thoughtful production gives depth to these 8 tracks through beachy harmonies and synth sounds of forgotten exotica records. Wrapping up the themes of the previous tracks is the crashing crescendo of The Way Its Going, a slow-motion tidal wave of orchestral synths and reverberated guitar for a cinematic impact. These parts are all combined thoughtfully to create music occupying a space above sonic throwbacks into a well considered and refreshing record that welcomes you into its experience, an atmosphere of melancholy yet not obliterating the possibility of hope and happiness, the light not at the end of the tunnel, but the one next to your bed; the sad light.

ITEM is :
Dylan Glover - Vocals, Synthesizers, Guitar
Jacob Kirkwood - Drums
Connor Simpson - Vocals, Guitar
Skylar Keffer - Guitar, Vocals
Patrick McCafferty - Bass

Driven by expansive dynamics, infectious melodies, and shimmering soundscapes, NIIGHTS winds through grooves of crashing rhythm and slicing, textural guitars. Ambient psychedelia juxtaposed with haunting, melancholic vocals spawns chilling performances reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine. NIIGHTS enchants audiences by shifting from soothing dream-pop to aggressive rock.

Fronting NIIGHTS is visual artist Jenna Fournier, whose soft, ethereal vocals and sparkling guitar float in extreme contrast to the roar emanating from the band. Guitarist Frankie Maraldo combines the clever manipulation of billowing, swirling sound effects with a raw, histrionic performance. His sonic chaos is anchored by the precision of Chris Dalman's hammering drums intertwined with the band's bassist/synthesist Vincenzo Mauer's emotive playing. Mauer provides a saturated, lower end pulse and melodic counterpoint to Fournier's poignant and whimsical lyrics.
NIIGHTS' debut Tragic Hero Records/Warner Music Group release Whisper was recorded by Jim Stewart and mixed by legendary producer, Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple) at Crushtone Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. Their sound, not easily defined, captivates a wide spectrum of listeners, inviting you into dreams, desires, and a musical journey set to expand aural horizons.

Dynamic, groove-oriented, guitar-driven, synth-friendly, melodic, post-rock featuring live visuals. An instrumental outfit of sound

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