Sonic Visions Presents: Climax



Sonic Visions returns! And do we have a treat for you! For our third installment, we’re screening French director Gaspar Noé’s (Irreversible, Enter The Void, Love) newest cinematic provocation - CLIMAX.

Starring Sofia Boutella and an ensemble cast of dancers and actors, “Climax” takes place at an abandoned boarding school in the country on the final night of a dance company’s rehearsal for a big performance. What begins as a night of joyous drunken revelry soon becomes an audiovisual journey to the dark side of the human psyche, complete with wild colors, in-your-face dance sequences, and a little blood for good measure. The music of Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk), Aphex Twin, Giorgio Moroder, and Gary Numan fills out the soundtrack for a film that is sure to become a cult classic nightmare feast for the senses!

Rated R for disturbing content involving a combination of drug use, violent behavior and strong sexuality, and for language and some graphic nudity.



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