Gothboiclique’s Horse Head, Cold Hart, YAWNS and Fish Narc have banded together to create the Love Gang Forever Tour along with friends Lil Zubin and Fantasy Camp. Tickets on sale now.

With his musical project Horse Head, Chris Thorne has pioneered the fusing of emo, pop-punk, and indie elements with hip-hop. Initially gaining distinction as a producer, Horse Head has become well known for his distinctive vocal delivery and poignant lyrics which resonate with listeners as he sings about experiences with loneliness, depression, and heartbreak.

Growing up in Orange County, California, Horse Head was the frontman of various bands, most notably forming the indie trio Tan Dollar in 2010. In 2013, he began to deviate from performing in groups, producing various hip-hop beat tapes instead. Horse Head soon joined the underground musical collective Thraxxhouse, connecting with artists Cold Hart, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, and Lil Tracy. The frequent collaborators quickly formed their own niche collective: GothBoiClique. As a member of the renowned group, Horse Head released a triad of projects in 2016, including True Blue, Celebrity Crush, and Lock & Key. Horse Head also produced numerous tracks for the late Lil Peep’s breakthrough mixtapes Crybaby and Hellboy, and also featured as a vocalist on their notable single “Girls” and “Stop the Car.”

In 2017, Horse Head issued his independently released the fish narc produced album This Mess Is My Mess. Horse Head has just announced his 2019 debut studio album We Had Our Fun, which features live instrumentation by YAWNS as Horse Head returns to his alternative indie roots. — Jack Angell

Under the pseudonym Cold Hart, Jerick “Jay” Quilisadio has consistently been on the cutting edge of alternative hip-hop as a vocalist and producer. By pairing components of rap with seemingly unrelated genres like emo, gothic rock, and country, Cold Hart has become an innovator of genre-defying music.

Born and raised in the coastal city of Long Beach, California, Cold Hart was seldom seen without a skateboard in his hand. He would play records by post-punk’s Nick Cave or the Cure just as often as he would listen to rappers Speaker Knockerz and Chief Keef.

In 2014 Cold Hart co-founded the renowned collective, GothBoiClique. It was Cold Hart who officially titled the group after sending a beat with the same name to fellow co-founder Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. Starting in 2015, Cold Hart began to release a slew of singles and definitive vocal mixtapes such as OC Season 1 & 2 and Downer, which helped surpass his distinction as solely a producer. Today, GothBoiClique sits at ten members, including Lil Tracy, Wicca Phase, Fish Narc, Yawns, Horse Head, and the late Lil Peep.

In 2018, Cold Hart strayed away from sampling entirely on his acclaimed EP Wish Me Well, opting instead to incorporate live instrumentation with producer Yawns. Shortly after, the two released their smash hit “Eyes” with Rawska. Cold Hart’s listeners eagerly await his full-length debut studio album Good Morning Cruel World, which combines melodic elements of indie, post-punk, and hip-hop. — Jack Angell

With his musical project fish narc, Ben Friars-Funkhouser has helped popularize the application of live guitar playing fused with a traditional trap-beat format. By exploring the different nuances that rock music allows and expanding from the emo template to hip-hop and beyond, the musician, producer, and songwriter has discovered the middle ground of genre-bending production.

In his youth, fish narc cut his teeth in the local punk scenes of Washington State. It was his involvement in Seattle’s local DIY scenes that led fish narc to become a booking agent for the experimental music collective Thraxxhouse. At this same time he was creating techno on Ableton with no intentions of producing hip-hop. However, his whole world changed when Lil Tracy discovered piano loops on fish narc’s computer and sang over them. Attracted to this avant-garde approach to rap music, fish narc began to work with other artists, many of whom eventually formed GothBoiClique.

It was during this transformative time period when fish narc solely produced the 2017 Goth Angel Sinner EP with Lil Peep, which is currently slated for posthumous release. The following year, fish narc produced both Brennan Savage’s Garbage and Drowning EPs, as well as collaboratively producing Wicca Phase’s Spider Web EP with Clams Casino. With a prolific amount of projects behind his belt, and even more planned for 2019, fish narc heads into this year with plans of releasing his own LP. — Jack Angell

With his musical project YAWNS, Roman Luna sounds less like a hip-hop producer and more like a four piece post-punk group. A multifaceted musician, YAWNS composes his beats with live guitar, bass, and drums, fusing classic instrumentation with traditional trap beat formats.

After the Phoenix, Arizona native discovered punk music, he traded his own set of turntables for a friend’s electric guitar. YAWN’s longest running gig was with punk band Naw Meen, but after they broke up in 2010, he began making experimental beats with his younger brother.

YAWNS became the producer for the local rap trio .CULT, and eventually joined the underground rap collective Thraxxhouse in 2014. He would go on to produce for other artists sporadically in the following years, most notably FACES, Mackned, and Cold Hart. As GothBoiClique emerged from Thraxxhouse, YAWNS assumed the role of both graphic designer and Lil Peep’s DJ. He’s responsible for mixing and mastering some of GothBoiClique’s most notable projects as well. It took encouragement from fish narc and the late Lil Peep for YAWNS to produce again.

YAWNS opted to stand out by consistently using live drums, guitar, and bass in his productions. This stimulating alternative indie-rap hybrid can be seen on his 2018 Wish Me Well EP with Cold Hart. Listeners eagerly await YAWNS’ forthcoming albums, including Good Morning Cruel World with Cold Hart, We Had Our Fun with Horse Head, and a soon to be named project with Zubin. — Jack Angell





Gothboiclique’s Horse Head, Cold Hart, YAWNS and Fish Narc have banded together to create the Love Gang Forever Tour along with friends Lil Zubin and Fantasy Camp. Tickets on sale now.

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