No Small Children, New New Girlfriend, Ghost Pavilion, Les Enfants

No Small Children

rockin chicks by night, school teachers by day.

Three teachers from Los Angeles who love rock music. These women sing songs about everyday things that everybody knows about. They have a powerful sound that is loud, melodic, and irreverent. Their lyrics are honest, thoughtful and funny.

No Small Children is Lisa Parade, Nicola B., and Joanie Pimentel. They are kick-ass, rockin' chicks by night and schoolteachers by day. This trio of women has a friendship rooted in rock, respect, and a straight talking strength that comes through in their music loud and clear.

New New Girlfriend

New New Girlfriend is comprised of two reasonable dudes (Griffin & Kylen) from opposite coasts who met through ex-girlfriends while on a double date. They bonded over similar musical sensibilities and now they’re in a band.

Ghost Pavilion

James Higgs' solo project, Ghost Pavilion, takes his new wave sensibilities and puts a fresh coat of paint on
synth-laden dream pop. A Proper Opinion quotes Higgs as saying he “ tend[s] to gravitate towards lush
arrangements with cool, jazzy timbres and disco-esque tempos. 7th chords have always been my
thing”. James' previous band Spanish Prisoners have played with the likes of DIIV, Freelance Whales, and
Youth Lagoon. Ghost Pavilion's new single, Bleed on Sunset, is set to be released this fall.
Higgs tracked his new single Bleed on Sunset (and his last EP, Oblivion) at home and at The Seaside Lounge
Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY where he worked as an engineer (The National, St. Vincent and Paul Banks
of Interpol have recorded there). This allowed him to utilize the benefits of a studio and develop a methodical
songwriting approach.

Way back in 2017, Alex Weinstein (guitar) and Mike Faiola (drums) birthed an infant. Well, the infants. Technically, Les Enfants Band. A year later, the stars aligned to give us the band that's here today: a Los Angeles based quartet comprised of creatives from the fine art, film production, and acting worlds, serving up some post-punk, shoegaze, melodic noises.
Their demo EP Losing Proposition is a compilation of their freshman efforts to combine the sounds they enjoy in an often experimental, jam-like way. Reminiscent of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Thee Oh Sees... with a little bit of Janis Joplin and Ida Maria thrown in-- sometime beautiful and sometimes abrasive, their music is always enthusiastic, emotional, and head-bang-worthy.

vocals: ruby lynch
guitar: alex weinstein
drums: mike faiola
bass: eric raether



  • Ghost Pavilion - 8:30
  • New New Girlfriend - 9:15
  • No Small Children - 10:20
  • Les Enfants - 11:45

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