The Foxies, Acres Even, The Downhill Jam

By its very nature, the fox is a deceiver. Seen from a distance it barely even looks wild. Sleek and refined, alarming only in its beauty, it almost begs to be made a pet. But make no mistake – those teeth are sharp, and a loner’s life calls for ferocity.

The same is true of The Foxies, the indie pop foursome now prowling a melodic crossroads of new-wave glam, punk rock, and high octane dance-floor fire. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the band’s roots stretch from the wide-open expanse of Arizona to the tangled urban jungle of New York City, created by front woman Julia Lauren Bullock and featuring guitarist Jake Ohlbaum, bassist Kyle Talbot and drummer Rob Bodley.

A kinetic blast of back-alley grit and tightly-wound flamboyance, their live shows are defined by an unlikely but danceable combination of sensual vocals, grungy guitars, fat-bottomed beats and shimmering electronic hooks, making them surprise standouts at the 2018 Sundance, South by Southwest and Bonnaroo music festivals. Likewise, enigmatic recordings like the Oblivion EP, the femme-fatale anthem “Be Afraid Boy” and the sticky sweet “Chewing Gum” have earned the band praise from Native magazine and Nashville’s Lightning 100 radio, as well as inclusion on Volume 63 of NOW That’s What I Call Music.

Gearing up for more mischief in 2019, The Foxies return March 8th with the punchy power-pop fantasy “Dreaming” – a decadent, delirious cry out for days gone by and romantic promise squandered. The single will be part of a brand-new EP titled Battery, four energized songs Bullock describes as the band’s most “raw and authentic” incarnation to date. Darker themed, richly textured and crafted with Nashville’s heart-on-your-sleeve creative ethos, the set also includes the quirky cosmic love story “Moon Man,” the connection craving blood pumper “Hand On My Heart” and the piano fueled bad-medicine ballad “Battery”. “We wanted something that opened the door to our world, and allowed the listeners to feel what we feel,” Bullock explains. Battery arrives April 5th, with much more lying in wait.

With a skillfully hand-crafted recipe of harsh noise, cascading indie guitar riffs, fat drum and bass, and ethereal vocal arrangements, Acres Even makes their emergence as a sound to be witnessed. Hailing from Southern California, their eclectic sound is full of raw energy, shimmering lyricism, and elegantly textured noise-scapes; all while communicating powerfully genuine emotion through-and-through. Be prepared for their dynamic first ever release titled: "Rose Gold EP" coming in 2019.

The Downhill Jam

The Downhill Jam is a tribute to the music of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game series. These games were not only innovative for the addicting gameplay, but in 1999, the music that accompanied it was a much needed alternative to the boy bands and over-produced pop dominating the radio. It was the starting point for a generation’s taste in music (our band members included).

After the adrenaline-inducing experience of flying through the air on a skateboard, grinding on traffic lights, and listening to the masters of punk, ska, and hip hop while doing it, we were never the same. If that was you too, tighten your trucks and come drop in with us!

$10 advance - $12 day of show


  • The Downhill Jam - 8:00
  • Acres Even - 8:45
  • The Foxies  -9:30

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