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As The Sparrow

As the Sparrow is a Boston indie rock band based around the songwriting of Mark Damon and Crystal Araiza. Described as “instantly appealing, slightly edgy, and undoubtedly unique” by, they were nominated for Best in Massachusetts by The 2015 New England Music Awards.

ld Fox draws from influences including Frightened Rabbit, Hozier, and Bon Iver to create a rhythmically exciting, melodic, and lyrically driven experience for listeners.
Formed in Somerville, MA in March of 2018, Alex and Ralph decided to build the band and its music around the phrase, "Honest words for honest people." The band focuses on creating simple, vulnerable, and tangible music for anyone who wants to listen.
Old Fox is Alex, Ralph, Connor, Kevin, Jon, and Sean.


Fronted by bassist and singer Elisabeth Hoffman, Verdegree is: Marc Hoffman (guitar), Shawn Mcvey (guitar), and Mitch Dion (drums). Blending unique rhythmic cadence with ear-bending melodies, Verdergree strikingly stands alone in their genre. Verdegree was formed after the release of Hoffman’s 2015 five-song E.P: “Green; Chromesthesia”. This musical collection displays the multiplicity of harmonic and rhythmic variety that Verdegree has come to own so proudly. Since 2015, the band has developed a new and more driven sound consisting of two electric guitars, bass, and drums. Without compromising their iconic sound, Verdegree has moved toward a heavier musical dimension that highlights the beauty of harmony, while incorporating a darker, more brooding sound.The band will be releasing a new single this November called “Don’t Look Down” that will be available for purchase on itunes. The band has begun working on, and is intending to, release a full length album in the near future. ronted by bassist and singer Elisabeth Hoffman, Verdegree is: Marc Hoffman (guitar), Shawn Mcvey (guitar), and Jungho Kang (drums). Updates and upcoming shows are available on the official Verdgree website:, and on other social media sites such as facebook and instagram. Verdegree is proud to announce their new partnership with Label: @from the depths entertainment.

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