Sam Holt Band presents Remembering Mikey: A Celebration of the Music, Memory, and Spirit of Michael Houser

Sam Holt Band

"Sam's got that hypnotic thing. He kinda gets into that trance when he plays, and all my favorite guitar players have that ability to somewhat become hypnotized themselves. Mikey (Houser) and Junior Kimbrough - there was a hypnotic thing, and I think Sam has that. It's a big part of what drew me to him,” relates Sam’s producer and Widespread Panic keyboardist JoJo Hermann.
“I’ve always wanted the songs to come out the way I hear them in my head, when the inspiration is the freshest and most pure,” says Sam Holt. “This record captures the songs the way I envisioned.”
The debut album from Sam Holt Band, Southern Angels, contains Holt’s most honest and accomplished songs to date. The album features guest appearances from Widespread Panic’s John Bell and Danny Hutchens of Bloodkin. The emotional honesty in the lyrics came from experiencing the bittersweet nature of life. Many events and emotions in the song ‘Southern Angels’ are taken from years on the road experiencing life and death..
There are themes of finding positivity in the wake of tragedy running through the record. ‘Fix It Up Man’ co-written with Danny Hutchens addresses this subject. “Danny’s lyrics paint a positive picture of someone who left us too soon. The track is for someone we both love and miss very much,” reveals Holt.
Sam is known for his former national touring band Outformation and his numerous appearances with bands such as Government Mule, Umphree’s McGee, Shooter Jennings, North Mississippi Allstars, and WSP.
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