California Rocker Presents: Katey Sagal and The Reluctant Apostles

Katey Sagal and The Reluctant Apostles

THE RELUCTANT APOSTLES bring together the history of dozens of collaborations, hundreds of albums and thousands of concerts. The result is world-class musicianship and a shared instinct that infuses their connoisseur’s songbook of recordings with a confidence that only derives from years of high-level experience.
The band traces their roots back to the hit series SONS OF ANARCHY, where, as The Forest Rangers, they acted as the musical muse throughout the show’s 7 seasons. They began recording covers and original songs for the hit series; unknowingly, it was the start of something very unique and special.
But it’s a new day and with that comes a new band. So who exactly are these THE RELUCTANT APOSTLES?
They are Davey Faragher (Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson) on bass and vocals, Phil Shenale (Tori Amos, Jane’s Addiction) on keys, Billy Harvey (Patty Griffin) on guitar and vocals, Michael Urbano (Cracker, Sheryl Crow) on drums, Bob Thiele, Jr. on vocals and guitar (Bonnie Raitt, Mavis & Pop Staples) and, of course, Katey Sagal, singing, playing guitar and percussion.
From the start, THE RELUCTANT APOSTLES decided to dedicate their sound to preserving the long lineage of great songs and records that they grew up with. To that end, the band performs only cover songs, bringing each member’s own individual experience to a carefully crafted repertoire of familiar and unfamiliar songs to which they have applied their our own unique interpretations.
As evidenced on their debut recording, INTRODUCING THE RELUCTANT APOSTLES, the energy and vitality of the band is clearly on display. As for their live show, imagine all that, and multiply by 10!

Erinn Alissa and the Low Volume Band

Erinn Alissa and the Low Volume Band is an L.A. based, cross-genre rock band that won't hurt your ears. Led by singer/songwriter Erinn Alissa, the band features original songs that incorporate the best elements of country, pop, soul and garage rock into something wholly its own. Erinn Alissa has a sweet, powerful voice that has been compared to Sheryl Crow and Colbie Callait, a voice she pairs with her honest, poignant lyrics to tell timeless stories that resonate.
The band has a loyal following and gigs regularly at Westside venues including Trip Santa Monica and Molly Malone’s. Erinn Alissa’s music has been featured in independent films, played on radio stations in the UK and Canada, and has landed her as a finalist in The American Songwriting national competition. Low Volume is Erinn Alissa (vocals, guitar), Ed Lin (backing vocals, guitar), Ron Schlessinger (guitar), Brian Doyle (drums and percussion) and Bart Tucker (bass).

$15 advance - $20 day of show


  • Erinn Alissa and the Low Volume Band - 8:00
  • Katey Sagal and The Reluctant Apostles - 9:00

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