Gold School feat. DJ Cide + DJ Aquaphina

There’s something to say about an artist who can leave it all on the table and make you feel more empowered about sharing your own shortcomings. TeZA, meaning reap what you harvest, has broken through the streaming ceiling by remaining raw and relatable in her own unique way.

Her music makes you feel as though she is having a conversation with you, at the same time providing powerhouse anthems to make it through your day. After releasing her Chaos e.p in early 2017; revered as a redefinition of electronic music, TeZATalks has created a world of her own for her fans, with her captivating lyrics and undefined sound.

The versatility in her artistry and music gives a “fresh” and recharging vibe in today’s music, leaving fans and future listeners eagerly anticipating where she will take us all next.

The Alt-electronic artist also invites us into her world of monsters. Showcasing another side of her Artistry TeZA’s Closet is an extension of love full of abstract pieces that distinctly reflect people and experiences in her life. The art expressively portrays her perception and visual interpretation of emotions paired with “trippy" and vibrant color schemes inspired by graffiti culture and surrealism. “ The monsters were never in my head” seen at the top of TeZA’s Closet Instagram page give spectators a clue into the riveting and alluring art that TeZa attributes as therapy in her life, challenging all to face and reveal what they may have hiding in their own closet.

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