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The Green Machine

Formed in 1999 by Chris (guitar) & Tina Avila (bass, vocals) Green Machine has been touring & refining their sound for over 10 years. GM went through many changes before settling on their current line up with lion L Paul Drums, Dave Huckabay (keyboards) Jeramiah DeSousa aka "Shakey Rider" (vocals, hand drums) with occasional featured performer Ras Horace Montgomery filling out the vocals, forming the ideal band suited to Green Machine's reggae jam fusion style. GM has shared the stage with; Isaac Halie Selassie, Eek-a-Mouse, Cornell Campbell, Pato Banton and The Skatalites to name a few.

Rising out of the post Garcia Deadhead and reggae scenes of the late 90's, the constantly evolving sound of Green Machine has found it's way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

"Mix one part roots riddims, a cup of Jefferson airplane, two tablespoons of up-in-the-hills Nyabinghi filtered through the suburbs, a pinch of wailing sax, five magic mushrooms and a dash of youthful enthusiasm, stir progressively and you might approximate the recipe for green machine's lions eyes (earth juice) -did i forget the John Conkaroo Root? Psychedelic grunge guitar interspersed with crisp fluid leads, one-drop drums and earthy vocals shared among the band whose female component (Tina Avila) lifts the spirit into otherworldly with ease ..s like"searching""chemical nation" and "property of the state." She also plays bass! This one has a nice overall feel and lacks the cliche-ridden posturing of some "local band" reggae." ~ Chuck Foster: Reggae update - the beat vol 25 2006 pg 14 ~
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HyperSlugz! Born out of Frexeter! Ca is a 3 piece that combines the bands you love into their own style. HyperSlugz is for fans of Sublime, 311, Chili Peppers, and RATM. Catchy hooks and groovin' rhythms send this band straight to your ears. Fresh out of the bedroom with a 3 song demo, Salty Sessions! The band will be heading into the studio soon to record their first album.

$6.00 - $8.00


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