Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin

All of the members were born and raised in Salt Lake City, and they're already hitting it off with the heavy metal heads of Utah. Chelsea Grin started almost a year ago, (formerly known as "ahaziah") and they've already released their own five song length EP. The guitarist and vocalist of the band, Chris and Alex first started the band with just a simple dream. To make a ton of fans and have as much fun as they possibly can while performing their music. Then found their bassist, Austin, the other lead guitarist, Michael, and drummer Andrew.

The songs featuring on the EP are "Crewcabanger," "Anathema of the Sick," "Disgrace," "Cheyne Stokes," and "Lifeless." With a screaming vocalist and two guitars sweeping in sync, it's not too surprising they've gotten big in Utah. If you enjoy head-banging music and heavy beats from the drums, you should definitely check out this band.
The group of five boys have already toured California, Idaho, New Mexico, and the remaining states neighboring Utah. With just a small van and a low budget, Chelsea Grin was able to pull off their long road-trips successfully. Though sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots isn't necessarily ‘successful' they still did what they had to do in order to spread their music to the other states around us. Most of their shows have been played in Ogden, Provo, or Salt Lake City. Since the band is a local Utah band, they're more than willing to deliver their merchandise to your house if you live nearby. Along with their still-selling EP, they have many shirts and hoodies that are up and selling right now. So hurry up and buy one!

Slaughter to Prevail

Deathcore band featuring members from Russia and the United Kingdom.


Distinguisher - One who, or that which, distinguishes or separates one thing from another by marks of diversity.

The common goal of making music between 4 good friends finally came together to create Distinguisher in the summer of 2014. Knowing that the band would be a continuous drive of heavy music and energy that would never rest, this band has huge plans for 2015 having already completed their first tour across the West coast and the release of their crushing debut EP "Helpless" this past March. Distinguisher marks their diversity with the surreal presence they bring on stage to make every show of theirs an experience like no other, along with their nonstop drive to tour heavily and everywhere they can ; Distinguisher will surely continue to strive to become a known name in the music industry no matter what the cost, risk, or sacrifice may be.

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Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas