Temptation - A Tribute to New Order, Teenage Werewolves - A Tribute to The Cramps

Temptation - A Tribute to New Order

New Order was born from the remains of post-punk pioneers Joy Division following the suicide of their frontman Ian Curtis. Combining rock with electronica, the Manchester band would go on to become one of the most influential bands of all time. They’re hit ‘Blue Monday’ still remains the top selling 12” single of all time and a club favorite.

Temptation captures the sound of New Order and brings an energy to the live performance that keeps clubs packed and people dancing. Every effort has been taken to ensure that the sound and legacy of the band is treated with the utmost respect and accuracy.

So tell me…how do you feel?

Teenage Werewolves - A Tribute to The Cramps

“Teenage Werewolves” the world’s best Cramps tribute, is the most unlikely & ridiculous show you'll find. . . Visually intoxicating, they Preach the gospel of the Cramps from the pulpit-stage. It turned into sold-out congregations in Los Angeles and made possible the Teenage WEREWOLVES of LONDON where they just returned from tour and took the UK by storm. Their closing night in London finished with Magenta (Pat Quinn) of Rocky Horror, doing the Time Warp on stage with the band.

“The Teenage Werewolves are the closest you can get to the real thing / creepy cool crooner Jack Atlantis channeling of Lux Interior was spell-binding” (LA Weekly). “One of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen” (David J of Bauhaus).

“Teenage Werewolves” pickup where the wild & wackiest of them all, “The Cramps” left off. Singer Jack Atlantis is from the same hometown as Lux Interior and after the death of rock’s most-uninhibited singer in 2009, Jack created the Teenage Werewolves and they cut their teeth on L.A’s most historic & unforgiving stages. A spot-on sound & visually-irresistible stage-show, including show-girls, shakes, mistakes and near-misses. They merge John Waters & Russ Meyers overtones to create an action-packed, freak-out show. . . See for yourself in this “Best of Teenage Werewolves”

$20 adv / $22 door

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