Graveyard Club, High Sunn, Super Cassette

Graveyard Club

Graveyard Club (Matthew Schufman (vocals, synths), Michael Wojtalewicz (guitar), Cory Jacobs (drums) and Amanda Zimmerman (bass, vocals) began inspired by a unique list of shared interests: the classic short stories of sci-fi author Ray Bradbury, the music of Ryan Gosling’s little-known band Dead Man’s Bones, and a fascination with both 50’s crooners and 80’s pop music. On their new record, Goodnight Paradise, these influences combine with synth-pop and dark surfy sounds to create a distinctly nostalgic feel for a place and time you feel you know intimately, but never really existed. It's Twin Peaks in Cathedral Hill and Boris Karloff at the Under-The-Sea prom of your dreams.

"Whether you grew up with New Order, The Cure, The Smiths, or Echo & the Bunnymen or dig artists like Real Estate, DIIV, Wild Nothing, The Drums, or Arcade Fire this band and album are for you. Graveyard Club draws from, and connects, these great artists while having a unique and expressive voice all their own. Goodnight Paradise is a beautiful record. It's honest, melodic, catchy, layered and simple yet complex - it's a perfect pop album."

Jake Rudh, Transmission, Minnesota Public Radio, The Current

"If you combined the coming of age Studio Ghibli film, “Whisper of the Heart,” and meshed it with references to bubble tea, and added some lyrics and guitar instrumentals, it would equate to a High Sunn song." -Mica Kendall (altphilanthropy) High Sunn started as the bedroom solo project of San Francisco's Justin Cheromiah at the age of 14. Since that first release in May 2014, he's released no less than 30 releases, in a prolific mix of singles, EPs and full albums. Now 18 years old, finishing up his senior year of high school, he has released his first ever studio recording- the "Hopeless Romantic" EP and a follow up studio project, "missed connections" soon to be released by PNKSLM records. Along with the move from the bedroom to the studio, Justin brought his friends and live band- Joe (drums), Freddy (lead guitar) and Ari (bass), not to mention producer Dylan Wall (Naomi Punk, Craft Spells etc), all of whom contribute into making the jump from the lo-fi bedroom sound into a fully-fledged dream pop record.

Super Cassette

Aggressively pleasant melodic indie rock from Berkeley California. Pop forms and melodies give way to distorted hypnotic guitar-grooves and electronic noise flourishes. .



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