Las Nubes w/ Cathedral Bells and Lady Shoes

Las Nubes - Miami’s answer to the Breeders and Best Coast with songs in English and Spanish. Started in 2014 as Ale Campos from Wastelands’ solo project, it’s evolved into a lo-fi fuzzed-out rock trio that are quickly becoming local live favorites. Campos’ rhythmic and often unorthodox-time signature guitar riffs, accompanied by her melodic vocals, vacillate from melancholic keepsakes of the past to contemporary head-banging anthems. Nina Carolina’s backup vocals create balance and harmony while she moves with her bass, and Emile Milgrim’s subtly dynamic drumming provides a steady yet tumultuous groove to keep things interesting. Since their inception, they’ve opened for Shonen Knife, Casket Girls, Sheer Mag, Institute, Jens Lekman, and Torche. Their full-length debut album, set to come out in early 2019 on Sweat Records Records, shows the prowess and dedication Las Nubes puts into their music.

$5.00 - $7.00


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