Varaha, Yatra, Cloud Cruiser

From Chicago, atmospheric dark metal ensemble, VARAHA have finally released their mesmerizing debut album “A Passage for Lost Years” via Prosthetic Records. VARAHA’s music is a cinematic journey that defies genre limitations, and immerses us in its evocative, dynamic, and melancholic moods

"As glittery and triumphant as it is heavy, taking the listener on a journey that spans from a slow, marching intro to soaring, progressive doom leads." KERRANG!

“On their debut album, A Passage for Lost Years, Chicago’s Varaha really emphasizes the beautiful part, at times drifting into shoegaze territory or pastoral progressive rock — even the four orchestral interludes prove compelling, rather than throwaway interstitial material. There’s so much to digest that A Passage for Lost Years rewards repeat listening in a way streaming-era records rarely do.” CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“This hour-long behemoth of atmospherics reaches sky-high and digs deep toward the planet’s core, laced with the lushly pained vocals of frontman Fabio Brienza, and consummates indeed Varaha’s position as writers of heavy and dark music, not just creators of it.” INVISIBLE ORANGES

“the band’s music is both utterly spellbinding and heart-breaking in equal measure, melding gothic gloom and weighty Doom with an unexpectedly raw and vulnerable edge” NO CLEAN SINGING

The 9 Tracks within "A Passage for Lost Years" include 4 Orchestral Overtures composed and conducted by Varaha guitarist & singer Fabio Brienza, and recorded by Nick Broste (Mono, Wilco) - featuring guest performances by Nicholas Dellacroce (Bongripper), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Brain Tentacles), Nora Barton (Mucca Pazza, Mono), Kristina Lee & members of The Oak Park & River Forest Symphony Orchestra. Additional recordings were captured by Mike Lust (Russian Circles, Urge Overkill), including a special guest performance by Chuck Bontrager (Concertmaster for the Chicago production of "Hamilton: an American Musical"). The artwork for the album cover was designed by legendary artist Travis Smith.

YATRA is a journey into mountainous sounds, transcending into the deep forests of primeval times. Born from the ashes of the Maryland doom band Blood Raven, the new three-piece emerged in 2017 as frontman Dana Helmuth’s new vehicle to embrace the darkness and doom. Confident in Maria Geisbert and Mike Tull as his new rhythm section, Helmuth’s inspiration was fueled exponentially.

Cloud Cruiser

Cloud Cruiser is a concept based Desert Rock band from Chicago, IL. Our first installment is titled “I: Capacity” We follow the story of a young man on a quest for flight. He is illuminated, but only for a brief time. Returned unfit, he is only a piece of the puzzle that unfolds. The journey is boundless.

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