In 1991, 16 year old Sacramento rapper Aneraé VeShaughn Brown, aka "X-Raided," began working with local producer Percy Hunter. Those initial tracks came to the attention of Sacramento legend Triple Six Bounty who introduced Aneraé to iconic horrorcore rapper Brotha Lynch Hung. With financial backing from Micko Your, the three of them produced songs that would ultimately become material on the classic albums Niggaz in Black, Nigga Deep, and Psychoactive. Aneraé went on to become a central figure in West Coast underground hip hop. He signed as X-Raided with Priority distributed Sacramento label Black Market Records. In 1992, prior to the national debut of Psychoactive, he was arrested for and convicted of gang-related homicide. Over the course of 26 years in prison, he continually released records from behind bars. During his incarceration, Aneraé experienced a philosophical and spiritual maturity that would compel him to make a change for the better. He got in recovery, sobered up, and began training service dogs for wounded warriors and autistic children. He also worked with the Menendez brothers on a variety of rehabilitative programs. He rejected the character of X-Raided and began to go by his real name, Aneraé VeShaughn. On May 1, 2018, he went before the California Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) and was found suitable. On Sept 4, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown notified the BPH that he would not oppose Aneraé VeShaughn Brown’s release and he was therefore immediately eligible for parole.

Aneraé VeShaughn hit the streets running, recording several records, filming two music videos, signing a distribution agreement for his company Bloc Star Entertainment, and generating great buzz on social media in his first month free. He is currently working on his debut album, The Execution of X-Raided, slated for an early fourth quarter release.

Anticipation is high. Aneraé VeShaughn is creating a body of work that is inspirational and hard-hitting in its examination of life, loss and redemption. His release from prison heralds a return to substance and authenticity in Hip Hop music. His Huuug Life movement is a call for others to embrace diversity and enjoy the best the world has to offer.

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