The Nielsen Family, Twin Dimensions, Jessica Sheehan

The Nielsen Family

Twin Dimensions

Twin Dimensions is a San Francisco-based rock band whose sound incorporates elements of psychedelic post-punk, pop, and new wave. The trio weaves together multi-textured guitars, captivating drones, and bass-and-drum rhythms that combine the organic and the synthetic to craft 3-minute pop gems as well as lengthier psych rave-ups.

The group was founded in late 2016 when guitarist, vocalist, and primary songwriter Brock Galland (formerly: Skystone, The Dilettantes, 100-Watt Halo) met drummer and electronic musician Robin Smith. By early 2017, Twin Dimensions had some initial demos and a clear direction, and bassist and keyboardist Michael Calore joined. The group has been building a following in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a debut 5-song EP (produced by Monte Vallier at Ruminator Audio) is due in the summer of 2019.

Jessica Sheehan

Sweet and vicious songs that confess with humor, sex and swagger. Jessica Sheehan is a rock and roll band based in San Francisco, California. The debut EP Route in Blue is available digitally. New singles and music videos are in the works and ready for release summer 2019.



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