Sketch Tha Cataclysm

Sketch Tha Cataclysm

Sketch tha cataclysm is the pen name of Waterbury, CT born MC/Producer/Poet Armando Acevedo II. Through 14 projects of artful indie hip-hop, he’s unleashed torrents of multi-syllabic introspection and emotional release over canvases of funk, rock, salsa, and more. Whether solo, backed by a dj, or a full band, the stage show is always a dynamic and full bodied experience seeking to connect and move audiences all around.

Sotorios (Political Animals, Bad Poetry Club)

New Haven, MC with cinematic speech


AQMNI Kings (UZOO) of Hartford Connecticut comprised of Ty-HookZ (the Gemini), and
CrissB.amazing (The Aquarius). Two charismatic air signs that come together with hard hitting metaphors and punchlines, coupled with smooth melodies and catchy hooks and choruses. They bring a new, but familiar, energy pairing a true hip-hop 90’s feel with a futuristic sound. AQMNI will bring you in and make you feel as if you're hanging with friends or family. It gets real fun, real live, and sometimes just REAL. True Kings.

DJ Mo Niklz

Live audio video dj. Djs with music videos and edited videos in a turntablist style fashion. Spins mostly Hip Hop (90s and underground), Rock and Funk. Based out of CT

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