New Stork City feat. Moms

The Harold Team Stork

Established November 2018.

The Harold Team Moms

Established September 2018.



The Big Granite Smith, The City That Not All Sleep. It goes by many names, but there is only one New Stork City! Come join your favorite night birds Stork, along with one of iO’s talented Harold teams on a hot tour through New Stork City! We’ll take you on a bike tour through Storktral Park, climb to the top of the Empire Stork Building, and hey, maybe catch a New Stork Sticks game at Madistork Strrrk Garden. Every Sunday night, the pizza will be thin slice, the city streets will be bustling, and Stork and their friends will be waaalllkkkinn herrrrrrreeeee in New Stork City!

Upcoming Events
The Jason Chin Harold Cabaret at iO Chicago

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