NIGHTCRAWLERS (opioid doc) - Philly Premiere

NIGHTCRAWLERS (opioid doc) - Philly Premiere


For five years, filmmaker Stephen McCoy documented what he called “nightcrawlers”: the homeless and addicts living on the streets of Boston. Now, he's become one...

The Hollywood establishment and film festival circuit rejected it for being "too raw". The MPAA refused to rate it for being "too extreme". Now, for the first time ever, the controversial documentary is crawling into the PhilaMOCA for a one-time screening with director/subject Stephen McCoy in attendance.

Now is your rare chance to experience this eye opening portrait of addiction, homelessness, and beauty, presented unadulterated and uncut.


In 2011, Stephen McCoy set out to make a documentary film about homeless people and addicts in downtown Boston, people he labeled “Nightcrawlers.” Using his Hi8 camcorder, he filmed everything he experienced. And now, after his five year journey, he’s homeless and addicted to heroin. NIGHTCRAWLERS chronicles his journey and metamorphosis from artist and documentarian to subject of his own cautionary tale. Curated from almost 80 hours of his personal tapes, this intoxicating video diary gives a glimpse into a post-financial crisis America, a place of fear, paranoia, and poverty that drew the filmmaker into its dark underbelly and never let go.

ADULTS ONLY (17+ due to drug use, nudity, and violence)

20% of all proceeds go to the Broad Street Ministry

"... A masterpiece." - Chris Knittel (Producer of Snow On Tha Bluff)

"Beautiful...Powerful..." - Sean Dunne (American Juggalo)



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